APPROVED CREATIVE WRITING COURSES OFFERED DURING FALL 2020 - Look up courses in CalCentral. Check notes section in Schedule and departmental websites to see if the course has an application process.

African American Studies 164: Spoken Word: Oral Tradition & Transformation from Poetry to Hip Hop, Standup & Beyond

College Writing Program 130: Introduction to the Craft of Creative Writing

English 141: Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, Etc.)

English 143A: Short Fiction*

English 143B: Verse*

English 143C: Long Narrative*

English 143N: Prose Nonfiction*

English 145: Writing Technology: Utopian Futures

Environmental Design 101B: Writing about Environmental Design: Longer Compositions (3 or 4 units required for minor)

Film 180: Introduction to Screenwriting

Film 182: TV Writing

Theater 139A: Fundamentals of Playwriting

* See application instructions and deadlines on the Department of English website under Courses: Fall 2020 Announcement of Classes and information published in the fall 2020 Schedule of Classes. Per the English 143A, English 143B, English 143C and English 143N pages, applications are due by 11:00 p.m., Thursday, April 30th.

TO FIND APPROVED LITERATURE COURSES OFFERED DURING FALL 2020, compare the approved list of literature courses on the Creative Writing Minor website with the Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes in CalCentral.

Found an upper-division, three- or four-unit course you would like reviewed as a creative writing or literature course for the minor? Make sure the course is clearly creative writing (not expository writing) or literature focused. Then, send your documentary evidence, often a course description and syllabus, to demir@berkeley.edu.

Remember all courses you take for the minor must meet the minor requirements too.

Questions regarding a course?
Contact the department offering the course or the instructor teaching the course.

Questions regarding the minor program? Contact Laura Demir at demir@berkeley.edu.